Farm to School
Farm to School
Initiatives by County

Some initiatives are organized at the county level 

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Staffing, Programming, and Funding

Procurement of Local Foods
and Taste Tests

Harvest of the Month Programs

Education in the Classrooms  

Knife Skills Training

 Addressing Food Safety

Community Events

Food Service Directors' Meetings
Fresh Cut Processing Trials

Initiatives by District

Each district also has their own unique Farm to School programming. 

Click on the districts below to find out who: grew over 600 pounds of winter squash and watermelons for their school cafeteria, purchased equipment to help process vegetables, has agriculture students visit elementary classrooms to teach about gardening, offers cranberry marsh tours in October to the public, has adopted Farm to School language in their district Wellness policy, had a carrot day assembly in 2013, holds a Local Foods Fundraiser every fall……. AND MORE! 





Port Edwards
Wisconsin Rapids