Good Shepherd Lutheran Church


502 W McMillan Street, Marshfield, WI

Size: 20 beds (4 of the 20 are raised beds to accommodate persons who are handicapped or elderly); each bed is 4 x 8 feet

When the garden was started: 2010

Number of participants: Roughly 20+


Contact information:

Name: Kayleen Moll


Phone: 715-221-8405


Community impact:

Marshfield Area Growing Together Community Gardens have impacted gardeners and our community in many positive ways.  The gardens promote and support local food production, provide a place to garden and allow gardeners to learn and share gardening techniques.  Through growing their own vegetables, community gardeners are able to eat healthier, lower food costs, participate in a community activity, and donate produce to local food pantries.  Over the past three years, gardeners have expressed they are eating more fruits and vegetables, eating healthier, less processed foods, eating less fast food, feel better about where their food comes from, are saving money and are provided with many physical benefits.  


Over 215 pounds of fresh produce has been donated to a local food pantry from our donation beds (we have one donation bed at each site).  Plus gardeners are urged to donate their excess produce to a local food pantry.