Healthy People
Healthy People Wood County: Obesity Prevention Team

The Healthy People Wood County Community Health Improvement Plan is a community initiative to address the health needs of Wood County residents. The plan was created by a group of expert community members who analyzed health data, quality of life indicators and the community’s perception of health. From there, health priorities were identified and strategies and goals established to improve health outcomes in Wood County. Individuals and community agencies were then invited to join the Healthy People Wood County Obesity Prevention Team. In 2010, the Healthy People Wood County Obesity Prevention team received a $2.3 million Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CPPW grant has since transformed into the Get Active Wood County initiative. Founded on a mission to make the healthy choice the easy choice for Wood County residents, Get Active has invested that $2.3 million into Wood County schools, businesses, non-profit organizations and more through 15 objectives purposed to increase healthy eating and physical activity opportunities throughout the county.

If you are interested in the Healthy People Wood County Prevention Team contact Kristie Rauter Egge or Danielle Hiller at or